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Busy lives in modern America make takeout dinner important for most families, and they’re increasingly demanding more than fast food and pizza. San Diego-based Restaurant Revolution Technologies is helping some of the most innovative restaurant chains get the most out of their takeout business. The four-year-old company takes orders online and by phone on behalf of restaurants using proprietary software. Times of San Diego spoke with CEO David Schofield about the company and its strategy.

David Schofield, CEO of RRT

Why did you start Restaurant Revolution Technologies?

RRT was started and is being built by restaurant industry veterans, with deep industry experience in restaurant technologies, operations and client services, and who clearly saw that takeout ordering and the service levels provided were executed very poorly at most restaurant chains. Restaurants spend so much time on providing a great dine-in experience, but basically neglect or ignore the takeout experience, so it was clear to us that there is a big disconnect and this potentially damages the image of their brand. We have all had a number of takeout nightmares like repeatedly being put on hold when calling in, speaking to someone who has no clue about the menu, receiving an error-riddled order at pick-up, and the like.

There was such a gaping hole of need that no one company was addressing, and even with the advancement in technology, many of the problems have not been remedied. There are a plethora of online and mobile ordering technologies available — but they don’t address the problem, nor do they address the complete spectrum of takeout opportunities on behalf of the restaurant.

So, the RRT team embarked on the creation of our software and services to address this problem and provide restaurant operators with a fully integrated solution that addresses the key issues as related to their “off-premise” opportunities. We now have our patent-pending order management software, call center services, online and mobile products, catering services and our new loyalty platform, where our clients can choose any or all of these services — the end result is a much better customer experience, an increase in revenue and the elimination of significant bottlenecks especially during peak dining hours.

Who are some of your customers?

We work with San Diego-based restaurant groups like Rimel’s Rotisserie and Burger Lounge, and regional and national chains such as The Habit Burger Grill, Lazy Dog Restaurants, Eureka, BJ’s Restaurants, Kona Grill, Café Rio and Los Cucos. All of our clients have been a pleasure to work with and our results have been extraordinarily exciting and rewarding for both parties.

How does a restaurant benefit by outsourcing takeout orders?

We are able to provide a solution that allows the restaurant to receive more takeout orders, with fewer errors and with a far better service level than restaurants simply doing it themselves, or by employing just online technology. More orders and a much better customer experience lead to more revenue for the restaurant and happier customers. Now, virtually all outsourced online and mobile technology providers in this space make this claim, however there is a major difference when it comes to our technology and services that separates us from the rest of the pack. It starts with our fully integrated takeout solution, supported by our call center staff, which ensures that a phone order is taken correctly by a dedicated, menu-certified and trained “virtual waiter” who is equipped to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Along with handling phone orders, we also have online and mobile ordering, catering and loyalty solutions, all integrated into one system. So now our clients have a full, end-to-end solution to address all of their “off-premise” opportunities — not just an online/mobile solution that addresses a small part of the overall takeout market. All orders are placed via our patent-pending order management software that integrates directly into the restaurants’ point-of-sale systems. This also provides the ability to monitor the order volume level of the kitchen and provide a more accurate pick-up time for the customer. Here’s the best part: even if you order online from a computer or mobile device, that order is also processed through our order-management software and is monitored by our call center staff for quality assurance. And if the customer experiences a technological or credit card processing issue, a virtual waiter calls the customer immediately to remedy the issue and works directly with the restaurant kitchen to have it properly fulfilled. No other technology or service provider — online, mobile, whatever — offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution like what we provide.

The restaurant receives more takeout orders, does not overwhelm their dine-in wait and kitchen staff in the process, fulfills them more accurately, and the customer has a vastly better experience and level of service.

Customers can place orders via the web on any device. How does that work?

Essentially, the customer opens the web browser of their choice and visits the restaurant website to place the order via the device of their choice — be it a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device — and places an order. Our online technology is agile enough to recognize what type of device you are using to provide the proper user experience. For example, if you wanted to order a charburger from The Habit, you simply go to their site from your iPad and place the order.

The technology offers more than just ordering. What are some the advanced features for restaurants?

The three biggest advantages of our services and technology to our restaurant clients are our aforementioned patent-pending order management software, our ability to integrate directly to the restaurant systems, and our unique ability to fully integrate all of our services offerings (phone, online and mobile takeout ordering, customer loyalty, and catering) together as one vendor. Prior to RRT, a restaurant would have to employ one technology vendor for online takeout, and another for customer loyalty, and so on. We bring it all together for easy management and support that maximizes the restaurant’s full takeout revenue opportunity, creates a high level of operational efficiency, and bolsters their customer satisfaction.

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