• Printing settings in POS are not configured appropriately (e.g. menu items and orders may print on multiple occasions).
  • POS and menu settings are not configured appropriately (e.g. menu items not accessible, modifiers don’t appear, etc.)
  • Revolution software is not authorized to submit credit card to system. Note: Payment submission test depend on client’s lab set-up. If lab is not set up for payment testing, then payment submission testing occurs with a controlled live location in production.
  • Menu items broken out into several menu categories in the POS for in restaurant dining operations need to be consolidated under one category for online ordering. This is a frequent occurrence with catering items.
  • Resolution: Upon request, Revolution can send an export of categories and the items that reside within each category to the client for approval post sync. Any requested changes would require a change to the POS by client.
  • Modifiers may not display as desired for specific menu items. Restaurants often have the modifiers in the POS behind a customized or “extras” option but due to the modifier group settings, modifiers will display online differently.
  • Resolution: Revolution will find an item example that may not display well for online ordering and bring this to the attention of the client.
  • Restaurants with unconventional menu configurations and using several menus for dayparts (lunch, dinner, late night etc) creates an irregular display of the online ordering menu.
  • Resolution: All menu items need to be under one menu and all the categories assigned to that one menu.
  • NOTE: Any customized or programmable solution provided by Revolution to resolve POS issues will incur professional services fees.