Menu Management: This document will advise on best practices for creating new Condiment Groups & Condiments.

The Maverick system operates on a one to one mapping with the local Compris POS. When you need to update your menu with new Condiment groups, or Condiments, the changes must be completed within the Compris first and then built into the Maverick system. If the IDs between the two systems do not match, orders will not successfully transmit to Compris.

Login to and click the Menu Tab from the left hand navigation menu and select the menu you want to edit.

Condiment Group Configuration

New Condiment Groups: Once your menu is open, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the blue ‘+ Create New Condiment Group’ button.

You will now be prompted to fill out the Condiment group details.

  • NameDisplay name for the Condiment Group

  • DescriptionInternal description for reference. Does not appear on the ordering site

  • Condiment Type:

    • Top: Standard setting for all Condiment groups
    • Side: requires custom development
    • Interdependent: requires custom development
    • Interdependent-1, -2, -3, -3c: requires custom development
  • PriorityDefines the priority of the display order for the Condiment group a it relates to other Condiment groups. This can be edited on an item by item level as well.

  • ActiveFlag making the Condiment group active or inactive

  • Condiment ItemsList of Condiments that belong to the Condiment group separated by a semicolon. You will be able to add additional Condiments to this group after creation. Ex: Avocado; Black Beans; Salsa; Double Protein; Cheese

  • Default Item PriceSet a default price for all Condiments in this group. If the Condiments carry different prices, you will be able to configure those on an individual basis

  • Default Item MaxDefault maximum selection for each Condiment in the group. Using the value of 1 would allow a guest to choose one selection of any specific Condiment in the group. Using a value of 5 would allow a guest to choose up to 5 selections of any specific Condiment in the group.

  • External IDPOS ID for the Condiment group

Once all of the values are completely filled out click the blue ‘Submit’ button. Your new Condiment group will now appear in the list of Condiment groups on the main menu page. Next, click the + sign next to the Condiment group name to see and edit the Condiments within your new group.

Condiment Configuration

Configuring each Condiment with the corresponding External IDs & pricing from Compris is very important. If IDs do not match, the order will not successfully be transmitted to Compris. If pricing is off, the Maverick system will hit the Compris API prior to checkout and will do a price adjustment on the checkout page of the ordering site if there is a variance between the two systems.

Open a Condiment from the new Condiment group you just created by hitting the edit icon next to the Condiment.

This will bring you to a new screen where you will define price, external IDs, and exclusions. The fields under the ‘Edit Modifier Item’ section will be prefilled from the Condiment group creation page, but feel free to edit or fill in missing fields. The External ID field under this section does not need to be filled out.

Fill in the Condiment Price and External ID under the ‘Additional Modifier Prices by Size’ window. The External ID is the SystemID from Compris. These values must be filled out for every Condiment in the group.

Save & Propagate Changes

Press the blue ‘Update Modifier Item’ button and select where you want to save the changes. Options: All Merchants, Master Menu Only, Some Merchants, or a Merchant Group. *Note: When hitting the update button only attributes that have changed while editing the value will be updated to your selected locations. If no attributes have changed, nothing will propagate out upon saving.

Testing & QA

When adding anything new to the menu, it is best practice to save the new additions to one test location, preferably a lab, but if a lab is not available, select one location and deem this location your test location. To properly test, submit a full order with the new menu items, Condiment groups, and Condiments. Once the QA is complete, the menu additions are ready to be deployed to all necessary locations.