Who We Are:

At Restaurant Revolution Technologies (“Revolution”) we are building a valuable business by enabling and driving the digital transformation of the restaurant industry. We are a values-based organization that is proud of having a strong, distinctive and positive culture based on our shared purpose and values. We are headquartered in Bellevue, Washington but our team is distributed across the United Stated working from shared office spaces or from home. We strive to be: honest and transparent, hardworking, problem solvers; customer-focused, accountable team players; humble, innovative lifelong learners; and fiscally responsible business people.

Why We Exist – Mission:

We partner with restaurant chains to grow their off-premise business my making their food more convenient for customers. The U.S. restaurant industry is an $835 billion dollar industry with 60% of restaurant occasions already occurring off-premise. A recently published report projects that 30% of all restaurant orders will be through digital channels by 2025—and this was before the pandemic. Revolution is part of the now economy and the culture of convenience.

How We Do It – Product:

We power an ordering platform that handles online, mobile and voice ordering for chain restaurants. The software platform is called Order One. All orders placed through Order One integrate with a restaurant client’s point of sale system. With our Ground Control product, we also enable delivery directly from a restaurant’s site from leading delivery service providers such as DoorDash and Postmates, providing the restaurant with better economics as well as the ability to capture valuable customer data. With our Connect product, we manage two-way menu integration with the restaurant’s point of sale the third party marketplaces, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash.

What We Do – Business Model:

We are a software as a service business (“SaaS”) serving enterprise customers—chain restaurants ranging in size from 5-1,000+ locations. We drive stakeholder value by generating annual recurring revenue through the licensing of our Order One software platform and related products and services.

We are growing rapidly while also expanding margins and building new capabilities for our clients. We service over 1,250 restaurant locations across over thirty restaurant concepts. We are looking for a strong PHP Developer to join the Revolution Team.

Job Description:

Revolution is looking for a full-time, experienced DevOps Engineer to oversee and optimize our multiple development pipelines that flow into AWS. This position will report to the CTO.

Working in conjunction with our Software Engineering team you will be developing and maintaining our SaaS platform, building on our existing investment in automation tooling and enhancing our Infrastructure as Code operation. You will also play a key role in delivering first class support to our clients and ensuring the availability of our SaaS services.

Our Stack:
.NET, PHP, MS SQL, WCF/SOAP, Web API, Angular/Node/React, MySQL

Internal Tools:
Github, TFS, Jira, Slack, Terraform, Jenkins, Ghost Inspector, New Relic, Lucid Chart

AWS EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFront, ELB, ECS/EKS, Route53

• Provide thought and subject matter leadership in DevOps.
• Ability to automate release deployments across all stacks
• Strong experience with release pipelines, including blue/green deployments
• Develop effective tooling to accelerate deploy and release management
• Optimize deployments for scalability, efficiency, and security
• Maintain the configuration, identifying dependencies, potential conflicts, document the process and track a schedule of the deployments for each environment.
• Manage the configuration and uptime of all environments and microservices
• Design, implement, and maintain highly available infrastructures
• Build and implement monitoring and logging services
• Continually manage all cloud assets to ensure right-sized and minimize sprawl
• Work with the CTO to maintain and continuously improve our disaster recovery/business continuity plans.
• Remain current on broad technology infrastructure changes in the industry and how they may assist with driving down costs or increasing competitive advantage
• Cross collaboration with development team in bug management and feature release and git branching strategy

What We Are Looking For:
• Hands on experience building automated Linux and Windows-based infrastructure on cloud platforms
• 5+ years working in an Agile dev environment
• 5+ years of system architecture
• 5+ years’ experience managing/monitoring cloud and virtualized servers for optimal performance while working in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment
• Direct experience architecting or engineering a major DevOps implementation
• Experience with cloud tools EC2, RDS, S3, Directory Services, Route53, ELB, CloudFront, IAM
• Experience with configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef or Ansible
• Experience with cloud automation tools (such as Terraform)
• PowerShell, Continuous Delivery pipeline – Docker, Jenkins, GitHub
• Knowledge of security practices, networking protocols, firewalls, SOC compliance, etc.
• Long-term thinker who is committed to excellence, teamwork, and the professional growth of their peers
• Interpersonal skills to include effective verbal and written communication with team members in and out of the technology group

• 1%

• Competitive with leading technical markets such as Seattle, Los Angeles, etc.