Job Description


Who We Are:

At Restaurant Revolution Technologies (“Revolution”) we are building a valuable business by enabling and driving the digital transformation of the restaurant industry. We are a values-based organization that is proud of having a strong, distinctive and positive culture based on our shared purpose and values. We are headquartered in Bellevue, Washington but our team is distributed across the United Stated working from shared office spaces or from home. We strive to be: honest and transparent, hardworking, problem solvers; customer-focused, accountable team players; humble, innovative lifelong learners; and fiscally responsible business people.

Why We Exist – Mission:

We partner with restaurant chains to grow their off-premise business my making their food more convenient for customers.  The U.S. restaurant industry is an $835 billion dollar industry with 60% of restaurant occasions already occurring off-premise.  A recently published report projects that 30% of all restaurant orders will be through digital channels by 2025.  Revolution is part of the now economy and the culture of convenience.

How We Do It – Product:

We power an ordering platform that handles online, mobile and voice ordering for chain restaurants.  The software platform is called Order One.  All orders placed through Order One integrate with a restaurant client’s point of sale system.  We also enable delivery from leading delivery service providers such as DoorDash and Postmates

What We Do – Business Model:

We are a software as a service business (“SaaS”) serving enterprise customers—chain restaurants ranging in size from 5-300 locations.  We drive stakeholder value by generating annual recurring revenue through the licensing of our Order One software platform and performance of related services.

We are growing rapidly while also expanding margins and building new capabilities for our clients.  We service over 1,200 restaurant locations across over thirty restaurant concepts.  We are looking for a strong Project Manager to join the Revolution Team.

Technical Support:

  • Technical support as it relates to menu configuration issues.
  • Basic menu troubleshooting of integration issues.
  • Configure raw database for new clients with proprietary software.
  • Gather specifications to maintain menus, items, promotions ensuring accuracy with pricing and descriptions.
  • Work internally to develop and execute project plans within scope and established timelines.
  • Provide leadership for problem determination and resolution.
  • Communicate all changes to key individuals.


  • Firm understanding of internal telephony processes and limitations.
  • Attain client requirements to determine the proper telephony process and provide clear direction to internal resources.
  • Ensure resource availability and communicate timelines effectively.
  • Responsible for testing call forwarding and IVR configuration.
  • Design and maintain scheduled hours of operation with phone system.
  • Configure and test all IVR modifications or changes.

Operational Support:

  • Firm understanding of all client protocols.
  • Take proactive measures to correct operational issues.
  • Communicate/Execute escalation procedures internally and externally in a timely manner.
  • Monitor, complete, or delegate system changes as it relates to emergency or holiday closures.
  • Maintain open and effective channels of communication with each client.

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