Order One Maverick: Aloha Requirements Guide


The Maverick product integration works for Aloha QS and TS version from 5.3 – 15.1. Maverick does not support Aloha Cloud Connect or ATO.

Restaurant POS Requirements

  1. Confirmation that each location has an Aloha Connect License with at least 1 EIT (External Interface Terminal). Please connect your local reseller with your Program Manager to get this process started.
  2. They will need to whitelist this URL https://device.rrtusa.net on port 443.
  3. Remote access via ScreenConnect to the Aloha server to perform the client installation at each location.
    1. Please add the following ScreenConnect whitelists: *. screenconnect.com & rrtsupport.screenconnect.com
  4. Provide windows login credentials with admin rights to run the installer.
  5. Once the installation is scheduled, you will need to ensure that LanDesk is in learning mode.
  6. Configure the following and provide the values to your RRT Program Manager
    1. Job code (global for all locations)
    2. Employee (global for all locations)
    3. Terminals – for the terminals, we will need the Terminal Number for the Interface Server & Interface Terminal. Example below.
      1. RRT Interface Server
        1. Terminal: Name: RRT SERV
        2. Terminal: Number: 88
        3. Terminal: Model: Clone
        4. Terminal: Function: Interface Server
        5. Terminal: Default Printer: Term 1 Local
        6. Terminal: Revenue Center: Online
      2. RRT Interface Terminal
        1. Terminal: Name: RRT Term
        2. Terminal: Number: 99
        3. Terminal: Model: Clone
        4. Terminal: Function: Interface Terminal
        5. Terminal: Interface Host: RRT SERV
        6. Terminal: Default Printer: Term 1 Local
        7. Terminal: Revenue Center: Online
  7. Create an online ordering order mode, a delivery order mode & provide Order Mode IDs to your Program Manager

  8. Create an online Tender ID & provide Tender ID to your Program Manager

  9. Create a Promo ID & provide Promo ID to your Program Manager

  10. Create an open item notes ID & provide notes ID to your Program Manager