Order One Maverick will communicate with Brink POS via the Brink API. Below you will find integration and configuration details.


  1. Brand to reach out to authorizing RRT database access. Brink to provide the Brink API URL and location tokens per each location including the lab.
  2. Once received RRT will complete the integration by adding these tokens to the ordering tab on each location.
  3. Brink Admin Access – please create a new admin user for your RRT Program Manager in the Brink admin portal. This will allow us to verify certain configurations.


The following configurations will need to be added per location. The IDs will need to be the same globally.

  1. Destination ID – Online Ordering
  2. Destination ID – Delivery
  3. Tender ID – Set up an ‘External’ tender. Flag ‘Allow for Deposits’ and ‘Allow Tips’ (if accepting tips for online orders).
  4. Promotion ID
  5. Order Notes Item ID – Open Item ID

Thank you for working with RRT!