A refund is done after the transaction has been captured by your payment processor. If the payment was not yet captured, you will be able to issue a void.

Login to the admin portal and click on the “Customer Service” tab from the left hand navigation panel.

Once you are on the Customer Service page, you will see the last 25 orders for your brand. To search for a specific order, search by one of the following parameters: Order ID, Guest Name, Location Name, or Location ID.

Once you have located the order you wish to refund, click on it to open the order details page. At the top & middle of the page you will find a button titled “REFUND”. Press that button.

When you hit the ‘REFUND’ button, you will be presented with a pop up asking to define the following values.

  • Refund Amount: Do you want to refund the whole amount or a partial amount?
  • Employee Name: Name of the person who submitted the refund.
  • Note: Description of why the refund is given.
  • Submit: Hit Submit to complete the refund. *Note, if you have submitted a partial refund from the portal, you will not be able to submit any further refunds on the same order. If you need to adjust the refund after the fact, please reach out to

Once the refund has been processed, you can scroll to the bottom of the order details page to verify the refund. Scroll to the section titled ‘Payment Details’, here you will see the full transaction history.

You are also able to pull a report from the ‘Reports’ tab that will show you all refunded orders. On the left hand navigation panel, click on ‘Reports’. Once on the ‘Reports’ Page, you will see a ‘Reports’ section. On the report type dropdown, select the ‘Order Refund’ option.

Once you have selected the ‘Order Refund’ option, you will then need to select a date range.

Once you have selected a date range, you can then select a Merchant Subset, meaning only select locations within your brand, or, you can run the report for the entirety of your brand. Once you have determined all of your report parameters, you have the option to RUN REPORT, EXPORT REPORT, OR SCHEDULE REPORT.

RUN REPORT: The reports details will display on the page.

  • Merchant ID: Location ID
  • External ID: If you have an External ID per location, it will display here
  • Display Name: Location name that is visible on your ordering site
  • Amount: The amount of the refund that was issued
  • Num Orders: The number of orders refunded
  • Order ID: The order ID that was refunded
  • Notes: The notes that were added to the refund
  • Created: The date the order was created.
  • Modified: The date the order was modified or refunded

EXPORT REPORT: Your report details will be exported as a CSV
SCHEDULE REPORT: This function will allow you to have your report parameters built and scheduled on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis and sent to 1 or multiple email addresses.

  • Report Name: Name for your report
  • Frequency: Choose between Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • From: Start date for your report
  • To: End date for the report
  • Send To: Email address(es) to send the report to