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San Diego, California – Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), the leader in off-premise order management technology, is pleased to report that the company’s latest solutions – Catering and Outbound Business Development – continues to gain national interest within the restaurant industry by enhancing revenue streams for various chains. The RRT Catering solution is designed to support the more complicated and larger inbound catering orders while the Outbound Business Development solution focuses on outbound lead generation and the development of new potential business.

“AT RRT, we focus on providing our clients innovative and fully integrated solutions for restaurant operators to grow their off-premise business, which is the fastest growing segment within the industry and represents close to 40 percent of our industry’s total market opportunity,” said David Schofield, CEO of RRT. “A key part of these off-premise opportunities is supporting the larger and more complex catering orders, which is a rapidly growing segment within the industry. However, the majority of operators are extremely challenged in supporting these larger transactions as well as actively engaging in outbound business development. Often times the dine-in experience is their primary focus and the other opportunities, specifically as related to off-premise opportunities, are neglected. Operators need to understand that they are leaving a significant amount of money on the table.”

• Targeting specific types of businesses, based on size, number of employees or geographical region.
• Support community-specific opportunities including events, new business openings, charities, organizations and more.
• Scheduling appointments for local management to introduce promotions and incentives.
• Integration with POS systems.
• Data analysis to help determine specific ROI from promotions and initiatives.
• Multi-touch email and phone call campaigns.
• Sales-oriented agents with extensive restaurant training and experience.

The catering and outbound business development offerings complements RRT’s suite of services, which include its patented takeout order management software, supported by its integrated call center, online and mobile ordering platforms. Use of RRT’s suite of services has provided a strong ROI to its clients.

About Restaurant Revolution Technologies
Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides the most advanced order management solutions within the restaurant industry, supported by its call center, online and mobile ordering platforms, along with its customer loyalty and catering solutions, for popular restaurant chains nationwide. RRT integrates directly into restaurant’s POS and other systems and operates as a “virtual waiter” for its clients, resulting in a seamless series of solutions enabling restaurant operators to offer takeout guests a consistent, positive experience and providing a very positive ROI. The patented suite of solutions reduces operational costs, increases off-premise business and provides a greatly improved guest experience. For more information, please visit

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