Restaurant Revolution Technologies Customer Loyalty Program for Restaurant Gains Momentum in Marketplace in 2016

San Diego, California – Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT), the leader in off-premise order management technology, is pleased to report significant traction in the marketplace with its new and innovative customer loyalty program. Entering 2016, RRT has signed several partner client brands to begin leveraging the power of the customer loyalty program and with exceptional results.

Additionally, the customer loyalty program is the third new service line introduced by the company in 2015, adding to its fully integrated solutions which include its patented order management software, call center services, online and mobile ordering solutions, and its recently announced catering and outbound business development solutions.

“Our clients appreciate innovation and want partners that offer an array of solutions and services that seamlessly integrate with their operations,” said David Schofield, CEO at RRT. He adds, “Our customer loyalty solution ties together our client’s marketing programs and our own takeout solutions and puts the control of localized campaigns back into the hands of the operator, and not the technology provider, for a more comprehensive and flexible program. That’s been a big win for us.”

The customer loyalty program, part of RRT’s suite of technology-based order management solutions, offers the following features for restaurants:

• Fully automated Point-of-Sale integration to accrue points and apply reward redemptions directly on customer check.
• Customized point accrual and redemption rules.
• Automated conversion rules, expiration rules and forced-redemptions to points and rewards liability levels in check.
• Unique accrual and redemption rules by day of week and day part, if desired.
• Ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously and accrue same points but with different expiration rules if needed.
• Custom-branded customer self-service website.
• Inclusion and exclusion of certain items or item categories from redemption and accrual.
• Custom points and rewards campaign rules by location or group of locations.
• Birthday, anniversary and other date based campaigns triggers.
• Customized customer profile, tracking attributes and marketing preferences.
• Ability to merge multiple customer accounts.
• Customers can electronically gift points to family and friends.
• Administrative points adjustment capabilities for a variety of reasons; goodwill, customer service recovery, etc.
• Fully visible customer points accrual and redemption history.
• Create campaigns with little to no lead time for promotion.
• Integrate non-loyalty programs for a more complete ROI.

About Restaurant Revolution Technologies
Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. (RRT) provides the most advanced order management solutions within the restaurant industry, supported by its call center, online and mobile ordering platforms, along with its customer loyalty and catering solutions, for popular restaurant chains nationwide. RRT integrates directly into restaurant’s POS and other systems and operates as a “virtual waiter” for its clients, resulting in a seamless series of solutions enabling restaurant operators to offer takeout guests a consistent, positive experience and providing a very positive ROI. The patented suite of solutions reduces operational costs, increases off-premise business and provides a greatly improved guest experience. For more information, please visit

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