Increase Your Call Ahead Takeout Volume and Revenue

We create better experiences for restaurant takeout guests by going “beyond takeout.” How? By shifting the burden and responsibility of phone call takeout ordering away from your dine-in staff so they can do what they do best – serve dine-in guests.

We all know that restaurants amass an abundance of phone calls daily; many of which happen during peak dining times creating a number of operational challenges for the staff and management. And as a result, the guest experience suffers.

By alleviating the phone calling and ordering burdens from the restaurant, we bring satisfaction and peace of mind to management and staff knowing that all guest phone calls received are being served properly…all day…every day. Our proven results have increased efficiency for takeout order processing thereby reducing restaurant labor costs for many of our restaurant partner clients. Because we train our Virtual Servers to your menu, answer every call and upsell when possible, our phone answering services have increased the volume of takeout orders processed and managed as well as increased the average ticket order size. More takeout orders processed with fewer errors leads to happier guests.

Why Our Virtual Call Center Is Changing The Industry

Traditional call centers reside in a brick and mortar building with enormous costs that flow to the client and hundreds of employees, most of which with less than optimal motivation. However, at RRT, we have “Uber-ized” the traditional call center by highly screening, hiring and thoroughly training independent agents, which we call Virtual Servers, that work in their own home and during the hours set by the call volumes of the restaurant client.

This keeps the operational fees for our clients lower than traditional call centers and creates a more empowered and motivated working environment for our virtual call center agents. And best of all, because of our intense training program, the overall experience for each takeout guest is enhanced creating more champions of your restaurant brand.

Featured Highlights

  • Powerful, restaurant specific order taking CRM software for accurate guest information and menu ordering.
  • Our skilled virtual servers are trained and certified on the menu and the restaurant specific takeout operations.
  • Restaurant virtual servers use our natural sounding call cycle for a superior guest ordering experience.
  • All our virtual servers are trained, encouraged and vested to upsell when possible, increasing the order ticket averages.
  • Our call scoring system is an industry first. Restaurants receive detailed virtual server performance reports for their calls.

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