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Catering orders are complex and most are placed with a future date and time in mind. So the fulfillment of catering orders requires accuracy, menu knowledge and planning. That’s why we have built a comprehensive catering solution supported by our savvy virtual call center to ensure high level order accuracy and professionalism, as well ass an enhanced experienced for your catering clients.

Our catering solution not only handles and processes large takeout and catering orders to the client’s specifications, but our Virtual Server team is thoroughly trained on your menu to answer all menu related questions, offer suggestions regarding health and allergy concerns, upsell other menu items and ensure cutlery and other necessities are included with each order. Additionally, employing our catering to handle these large and complex orders takes the burden off your staff, who are typically challenged to handle these lengthy calls effectively; especially during busy operational times of the day.

With our catering solution and team of professionals in place, your restaurant staff remains focused on supporting the dine-in guests, while allowing your virtual server team from our virtual call center interact with the catering client in a professional and focused manner with the highest levels of guest service as an extension of your brand.

Our catering solution assists you to get the most out of every catering opportunity positively impacting your operation and ROI because we take it “beyond catering” order fulfillment services.

Featured Highlights

  • Support, process and manage large takeout and catering orders from placement to guest pick-up.
  • Powerful, restaurant customized CRM software for accurate menu and customer information.
  • Ability to incorporate “Advanced Orders”, which are held in queue for future processing, no matter how far the event is in the future.
  • Access to a Management Portal which allows store managers to access status of future catering orders on a real time basis so they are not surprised from an operational perspective.
  • Well-trained, tech-savvy and guest service centric catering Order Managers manage order details with expert care and professionalism.
  • All catering orders managed for optimal service and confirmation from the restaurant.
  • Direct POS integration minimizing errors, streamlining operations, and reducing the need for additional staff.

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