Innovative and Customizable Rewards with Convenience

Restaurant loyalty programs are varied in this modern age, and there really isn’t a true “off-the-shelf” loyalty program that meets all of the needs of each individual operator. Which is why we developed a robust program that is innovative and customizable to your specific operations – giving you the type of flexibility needed for optimal results, as well as your guests an experience and reason to return over and over. And isn’t that the point of having a loyalty program in the first place – to build champions of your brand?

Our loyalty program empowers your operation at the local level to create, adjust and report on all program campaigns. It is also seamlessly integrated into your POS and operations for optimal efficiency and ties all loyalty, marketing and promotional campaigns for better reporting while reducing your administrative and operational time, expenses and resources.

All the while you provide to your restaurant guests what they really want in a loyalty program – innovative rewards, easy redemption, flexible options, convenient and timely offers and an easy-to-use interface for access complete with live phone support 24 hours a day.

It’s how we are taking restaurant guest loyalty programs “beyond loyalty.”

Featured Highlights

  • Highly customizable business rulesets.
  • Ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously with different business rulesets and accrue same points but with different expiration rules if needed.
  • Ability to customize points, campaigns and rewards per store and/or per region.
  • Direct POS integration to track loyalty and non-loyalty campaigns for a complete ROI
  • Easy-to-use guest interface access – online and mobile
  • Dynamic rewards based on in-store pricing.
  • Flexible marketing and social media interaction integration
  • Open API web services for existing technology and systems
  • Customized guest profile, attributes and marketing preferences
  • Ability to add loyalty points from receipt
  • Ability to merge multiple accounts for redundancy, etc.
  • Guests can electornically gift points to family and friends
  • Ability to adjust points for a variety of reasons; goodwill, etc.
  • Ability to access guest points accrual and redemption history, etc.
  • Issue a new card for existing account
  • Create campaigns with little to no lead time for promotion
  • Ability to provide guest feedback

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