Brett Harman


Brett Harman founded RRT in 2010. He provides his strategic input and industry knowledge to assist in developing the vision for RRT, along with being highly active with business development.

Brett has more than 25 years of experience in the food service and customer service industries. He has specialized in the off-premise vertical for over twenty years, having contracted with or consulted for the largest restaurant conglomerates in the U.S. Brett is considered one of the industry’s leading experts on off-premise operations and his sales, service, and operations acumen are behind the paradigm shifting features of the company’s innovative off-premise operations call center and software solutions. Brett pioneered off-premise delivery and take-out innovations in the 1980′s when he headed up the groundbreaking companies, Gourmet Courier and Courier & Chives, Inc. (an Operational Excellence and Customer Service award recipient from the Restaurant Delivery Service Association of America). Courier & Chives was the single largest supplier of pre-made meals for the television and motion picture industries, servicing clients like Disney, Warner Bros., CBS, and NBC. He is an alumnus of San Diego State University, where he majored in marketing.

Phone: (800) 277-1049