Eric Dahrling

Vice President of Client Services

Eric Dahrling joined RRT in June of 2014. As Vice President of Client Services, he focuses on supporting clients, the launching of new clients, addressing client issues, providing the highest levels of service and maintaining high client satisfaction.

Eric has extensive client services, customer support and operational management experience as well as a sterling reputation of consistently delivering beyond expectations and exceeding required high levels of client satisfaction. Prior to joining RRT, Eric was the Director of Support Operations for Skylight Healthcare Systems, a healthcare technology company that develops interactive patient care systems. Reporting to the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric’s responsibilities included the management of the Operations Support, HL7 Interface and Inventory departments. Notwithstanding the ultra sensitive nature related to hospital patient care, Eric thoroughly managed hospital client perceptions and routinely delivered exceptional client service and operational support throughout the entire client healthcare organization; from hospital management to patient care administrators, nurses and staff. He successfully guided Skylight Healthcare’s client system implementation, project and operational management and system monitoring, tracking and troubleshooting. Additionally, his responsibilities included quality assurance of the technical support call center, overseeing the designing, building and implementation of HL7 interfaces that maximize efficiencies within the hospital client’s current workflows and assuring the proper level of inventory to meet client needs and overall satisfaction. Prior to Skylight Healthcare, Eric served in a variety of operational and senior management positions at several high end and high volume restaurants throughout Southern California.

Phone: (858) 829-8851