Beyond Takeout Technology

Our custom built, patented CRM software has been built from the ground up by deeply experienced restaurant IT and Operations experts. We have not taken an “off-the-shelf” software and adapted it to the restaurant industry. Our software was uniquely built from scratch by restaurant experts knowing what was lacking and needed within the industry to more effectively manage the entire takeout experience. RRT provides the most robust, fully integrated, end-to-end solutions within the industry, including such unique and distinct features that are only available with our solutions.

Order Management – It all starts with our Order Management system. Order Management is our unique system approach that couples advanced order processing technology and our trained virtual call center team to provide an enhanced guest experience and a more efficient and accurate takeout operation for the restaurant. Order Management ensures the guest that their order will be delivered securely to the restaurant’s POS to be fulfilled and ready for pick-up. One of the many appealing features of Order Management is how nimble it is for the guest should they experience an internet connection or phone related issue while ordering, or have order changes after the order is already placed. Our Order Management system rescues more orders for restaurants daily than any other order processing system in the market.

Intellisell – Intellisell is our patent-pending upselling tool that allows our clients to realize significant increases in the average ticket size for takeout orders. Intellisell is completely customizable for each client to “intelligently” suggest add-ons based on what the customer order or did not order; time of day (lunch vs. dinner); day during the week (weekdays vs weekends); support of special programs; and any other menu item our client want to focus on.

Order Throttling – Most takeout ordering technology is built to simply dump orders on the kitchen staff regardless of the current dine-in activity level. Submerging your team with orders during peak dining times creates havoc, error riddled orders, and disgruntled team members and guests. Order Throttling allows clients to establish business rules to properly meter in orders during such busy times to keep work flow moving at a fast pace without overwhelming your team. The orders are then consistently fulfilled accurately and thus delivers a more accurate pickup time for your guests. All the while your team remains content and your guest experience is enhanced creating more raving fans.

The Use of Patent 9,105,041 – Our intellectual property portfolio is constantly expanding as we own and are pursuing several patents and trademarks. Currently, the use of patent #9,105,041 (the ‘041 patent) allows us to provide customized and personalized menu options based on what guests order and feedback from their social media networks. The ‘041 patent reinforces our innovative edge with regards to order management solutions, specifically as related to providing innovative, fully integrated solutions to support the fastest growing segment within the restaurant industry – off-premise ordering, no matter if the orders originate through phone calls, or through online and mobile platforms. The ‘041 patent greatly enhances the positive return-on-investment our solutions provide to our clients, which include increasing the number of off-premise orders, increasing the average size of tickets, the off-loading of phone calls from restaurant staff and providing an enhanced overall customer experience.

Beyond POS and Other 3rd Party Integrations

POS Integrations – One of our distinct advantages is our ability to integrate directly into the leading restaurant POS systems available including Micros, Brink, PosiTouch, Digital Dining and Focus. Beyond that we are also the first industry partners to offer a complete integration of its phone, online and mobile ordering and order management solutions with NCR Aloha and NCR Aloha Cloud Connect products, including Aloha Takeout (ATO). As we continue to push the envelope with our technology and service offerings, we continue to seek additional integrations to other POS providers and anticipate about a half dozen more by the end of 2017.

Other 3rd Party Integrations – Along with our portfolio of POS integrations, we also offer real-time integration with Fishbowl’s restaurant marketing platform, Amazon Web Services,, CloudConnect, Vantiv, USA ePay, telax, Tokenex, Klipfolio,  SalesForce Marketing Cloud, SendGrid, Exact Target, and Twilio to help restaurant operators leverage data and further increase direct-to-guest marketing opportunities as well as monitor inventory. It’s all part of our evolving ecosystem and taking your operations beyond traditional takeout.

Feature Highlights

  • POS integration software installs in minutes for fast and reliable implementation at restaurant locations.
  • Industry leading bi-directional POS integration with live order status updates for expert order management.
  • Change menu items, modifiers and descriptions from the POS and it is live for the call center agents and online & mobile customers.
  • Strong sales, menu, order, and customer demographic reporting for business intelligence management.
  • Customized up-sell features specific to menus, menu items and locations for call agents and for online and mobile order customers.
  • Business rules to manage the timing of orders sent to the kitchen based on the total order volume from dining or takeout order customers.
  • Advanced order & large catering order functionality and customer order management for important corporate customers.
  • Customers can save and retrieve multiple credit card numbers for quick credit card processing.
POS Integrations
Other 3rd Party Integrations