Experience The Difference

We are passionate restaurant people. Which is why we are devoted to creating memorable experiences for restaurant guests by going beyond the traditional takeout experience. No other third party partner provides ALL of the following (eliminating the need to have multiple vendor partner relationships):

  • Virtual Call Center and Order Management
  • Online and Mobile Order Processing and Management
  • Guest Loyalty Programs
  • Catering and Large Order Management
  • Outbound Business Development
  • Custom Professional Services

But we are so much more. We are beyond takeout.

What is Order Management?

Restaurant takeout order management is what sets our takeout solutions apart from the bevy of online order engines, mobile food order providers and consumer food ordering portals. Order management shores up operational issues and inefficiencies for restaurant management.

Our restaurant order management system greatly enhances a guest’s takeout experience. Our Order Management Team ensures restaurant and takeout guests that their orders will arrive directly to the restaurant’s POS secure and intact. If any issues should arise, our team resolves any service issues, order changes or restaurant operational concerns that may arise during the order process.

With numerous patents filed, our restaurant order management system is the most advanced system in the industry and is a proven, powerful operational based system that other companies in the industry will find hard to emulate and execute to our high standard levels.

Order management consists of the following:

  • Provides a dedicated Order Manager who operates as an “Air Traffic Controller”, who is monitoring all orders on a real time basis to make sure orders are successfully completed with the restaurant.
  • Maintains complete control of the order from inception – no matter if it comes in through a phone call, online or mobile – to successful completion.
  • Addresses problems or questions guests have with orders on a real-time basis, working with the customer or restaurant to resolve any issues.
  • Captures all guest ordering history and personal “favorites” so if it is a repeat guest, the system has the data to immediately recognize the guest by name and handle repeat orders very efficiently.
  • Analyzes guest orders and will automatically suggest a logical add-on item based what the guest ordered or did not order, allowing for increased revenues to RRT clients.
  • Manages large and more complex catering orders with expert care and professionalism, to assist with exact food prep, inventory management, guest pick-up or delivery times.
  • Eliminates menu errors from guest add-ons or changes after order is placed.
  • All phone-in, online and mobile orders are managed for optimal guest service and order confirmation from the restaurant.

At RRT, developing the most advanced and innovative technology solutions available for the restaurant industry is at the core of what we do.